Yoga Sattwa is an earnest effort in bringing together knowledge and practice of Ayurveda and Yoga to address wellness needs of the present day world. The Founders saw the need for through professionalism in Yoga and Ayurveda education in India and set up an Academy in Bangalore in 2011. Mysore centre ” Yoga Sattwa” was set up in the year 2019

We are passionate and dedicated in setting up a Learning centre for high quality Ayurveda and Yoga education, that serves the needs of the community.

Our Vision : is to see every individual empowered with complete control of their health and happiness.

Our Mission: is to

  1. Impart Authentic and professional Yoga & Ayurveda education to Aspiring teachers
  2. Systematise and standardise Yoga and Ayurveda teaching methodologies
  3. Provide continual support to Yoga teachers with Technical, Operational and Business Skills required to successfully deliver health services.

Yoga Teacher Training - L1 & L2

Yoga teacher trainings – is the our flagship and most popular Yoga education Programs. Suited for Yoga teacher aspirants, Yoga teachers and Yoga practitioners, This program covers all Yoga fundamentals, Upon which a stable and long term Yoga sadhana and Career can be built.

International Yoga TTC

Yoga Sattwa imparts International Yoga TTC in Europe, North America and Asia to make its Programs more accessible.

Yoga teacher Support

Yoga Sattwa supports all its graduates with a strong post course program, Much needed, Relevant, Practical support to become stable in a career of teaching Yoga, this is often lacking in most Yoga education institutions.

Yoga Literature & Publication

As part of Spreading the Right Yoga Knowledge, Yoga Sattwa consistently invests in developing improved Course materials, Books, Blogs etc.