L1 TTC – Online Self-paced Courses


Level 1 Teacher training

Online Self-paced Courses 

These courses are tailor-made for those who cannot travel to our shaala in Mysore or for those who find attending our Online live courses challenging. These courses have all lectures and practices pre-recorded and made available at an individual’s available time. These courses have a rigorous online mentoring exercise to make up for the absence of teachers during the learning sessions.  These courses also qualify an individual for the certificate at par with our In-person and Online Live courses.

Requirements : 
      • Good internet connection
      • Quiet place / Good Headphones for audio clarity
      • A large visual screen like an iPad or a laptop for practice sessions
      • Highly Self-motivated to attend and finish all modules
      • 6m-12m of the practice of Yoga
      • Basic English – should be able to understand and speak basic English
      • Above 16 years of Age.
Course details: 
      • Venue: Online – Google Meet 
      • Start date: any day of your choice
      • Duration: 3 months
      • Contact: ttc@yogasattwa.com

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Complete your registration in 5 steps
  1. Read about the Online self-paced Course
  2. Send us an email by pressing the ” Enquire” button below.
  3. Our Student coordinators will get back to you by email/ phone with info on
    1. Availability of spots for the choose course and batch
    2. Fee for the Course and payments modes
  4. White list “ttc@yogasattwa.com” email id. Do check your Spam folder.
  5. Follow the email and Finish the formalities to secure your spot.

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