Online Yoga Education Series

Yoga Sattwa is offering some Online Yoga Education Courses. The topics vary from Asana technical to Ayurvedic diet to Philosophy to Teaching methodology. These courses are available for the following aspirants.

  • Those who have been practicing Yoga for 6 months – year
  • Yoga teachers who are looking at Up-skilling
  • Yoga Sattwa Teacher training Graduates as a Refresher / Up-skill 

Why choose Yoga Sattwa ?

Yoga Sattwa sole service has been to deliver Professional Yoga Education and in countering the above mentioned challenges. The College supports any and all initiatives to bring back lost glory to Authentic Yoga & Yoga Education.

On the occasion of the “World Yoga Convention” at Bihar school of Yoga, Munger, Swami Niranjan had given the mandate to all his disciples to revisit Yoga with Sincerity, Seriousness and Commitment. This clear mandate guides all our actions at Yoga sattwa. Apart from addressing the above challenges here are some of important reasons to study at Yoga Sattwa.

1. Approach

At Yoga sattwa all the courses are designed to align with a Unique approach called “Sattwa method” – simple yet profound principle in pursuing our Yoga Sadhana, Yoga teaching and Lifestyle. Sattwa method makes the course highly Personalised, very Practical and Perfected Integrated yoga and Ayurveda concepts.

2. Experience

Pradeep Sattwamaya has been one of leading modern day yoga teachers to have successfully blended the current need and the core principles of yoga. Pradeep has taught over 100 batches of TTC in the last 15 years with over 2000 graduates from across the world. Pradeep will personally Guide & Mentor you throughout the entire Course.

3. Post course support

Yoga Sattwa believes that all graduates need as much support post course as they did during the course. We support every of our students, post-course, in becoming stable in their personal sadhana and in pursuing a career in teaching yoga, be it freelancing, setting up Yoga Studio, a Yoga blogger or a Yoga teacher at a school/sports club.

Upcoming Online courses

Choose from the one of the above online courses for more details about the course. Fill up an enquiry form at the end of that page to register. Alternatively email or call us on +91-8073493030.

Fee Policy

  • Course fee details & fee policy will be emailed in reply to your enquiry / application
  • Fee is uniform to all irrespective of being Indian or International student
  • We don’t offer Early Birds, Discounts, etc.
  • These online courses can accommodates only 30 students / course
  • Course spots are on purely on first come-first served basis
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A Tentative Schedule for the online courses


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Course Intake







Asanas – Advanced study


RYT 200 – lectures 
RYT 200 – lectures


Asanas – Advanced study
Health, Ayurveda & Yoga
Mind & Yoga Nidra
Food and Nutrition in Ayurveda





Yoga Instructor Courses in Bangalore

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